先进的停车 is a boutique parking company that is re-shaping the industry through hands-on management that delivers the highest level of service.



Established in 温哥华 in 1985 by Mr. Myron唐纳, 先进的停车 has since grown to over 200 employees, 90个地点, 和19,000 parking spaces across its portfolio. Advanced now has operations in 温哥华, 惠斯勒, and 卡尔加里 and manages all types of parking facilities, 包括每月, 参加了, 计量, and valet operations.


先进的停车 was acquired by Impark in 1996 with the understanding that it would continue to operate independently. This arrangement was designed to preserve the unique aspects of Advanced’s management style: a combination of low overhead and high-quality service made possible by limiting the number of clients and paying careful attention to detail.



Always conduct yourself with utmost professionalism.

Driven to meet or exceed customer expectations every time.

Value each and every customer — show them their worth.

Appreciate the feedback we receive from our clients.


Never take more than 24 hours to address a customer request.

Committed to outperforming our competition in every aspect.

Evolving to meet the changing conditions of our industry and cities.

Diligent — never miss a detail.



Our Business Is Our Customers. 先进的停车 Systems, is committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients and customers every day.


司机们的, a parking space provides a temporary sanctuary for their cars, to protect your investment, parking spaces must be available, 清洁安全, and the parking experience must be convenient.


For property owners, a parking space is a source of revenue and represents a substantial investment. It needs to be managed efficiently to maximize income and minimize operating costs.


At 先进的停车, we manage each space to satisfy the needs of drivers and property owners. With innovative customer satisfaction programs, efficient operating systems, a strong marketing department and the experience gained from 30 years ivested looking after people’s investments, we guarantee that your investment will be looked after like never before.

Customer Service Excellence


We want to make the parking experience as seamless as possible. Here are just a few ways we put our customers first:



The majority of 先进的停车 locations are 参加了, which provides our customers with a convenient outlet for any inquiries they may have. Our staff is well trained to handle a multitude of situations and help make your parking experience a more enjoyable one.



In today’s fast-paced society, convenience is crucial. 先进的停车 takes pride in providing our customers with clear and concise signage to help them navigate throughout our lots.


Personalized Attention

Our hallmark is our ability to build relationships with our parking customers. From a cheery greeting in the morning to a smiling farewell in the evening, we attempt to personalize our service as much as possible. Whether it is a complimentary newspaper or a car wash, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers every day.



While living up to its reputation for maintaining high value and low overhead, our team focuses on creating targeted strategies for each location based on its unique needs and requirements.


With a deep understanding that parking management is not a one-size-fits-all type of business and backed by Impark’s extensive infrastructure, 先进的停车 can deliver a full range of parking management services, 包括:

  •  Sophisticated audit and revenue security;
  • Signage design and production capabilities;
  • Complete maintenance services, 包括 snow-clearing and landscaping;
  • Data processing and customized reporting;
  • Monitoring/enforcement services, 包括 follow-up/collection services on unpaid balances;
  • Web-based monthly parking administration, using an automated yield management system.


For more information on the services we offer, please visit our 服务页面.

Operational Experience 


We’re Known By the Company We Keep

Advanced is the parking operator of choice for many pre-eminent landlords and property managers in Western Canada, 包括.

  • Bentall Real Estate 服务;
  • Larco投资;
  • Grosvenor International;
  • 助教管理;
  • 温哥华 Coastal Health Authority;
  • McGavin性质;
  • 温哥华 School Board;
  • Great-West Life Realty Advisors;
  • 墙金融;
  • Manulife Financial;
  • Providence Health Care;
  • MacDonald Commercial.


28365365备用网址 us for more information on our operational experience and how we can deliver results to your parking facility.